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Hazardous Substances Management (HSNO)

Achieving sound management of hazardous substances and chemcial, that is protective of both the environment and health and safety is a challenge facing communities around the world.  New Zealand legislation require that expertise from a number of disciplines.

Industrial Compliance Solution's services in hazardous substances management involve approaches with strong integration of environmental and engineering skills to provide innovative solutions.  Service include:

  • A detailed audit of all your hazardous substances and operation
  • Hazard identification and management
  • Preparation of hazardous facilities resource consent applications
  • Emergency gas release modelling and assessment
  • An Emergency Response Plan
  • Technical and HSNO regulatory advice
  • Health & safety guidelines
  • Hazardous substance signage plans
  • Preparation of industry Codes of Practice/Standards
  • Hazardous substances advice specific to your needs

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