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Air Quality Management

Our team of Air Quality Scientist and Consultants provides advice on:

Management Plans

Developing and implementing Air Quality Management Plans to meets the requirements of the operational resource consent



Air Dispersion Modelling

  • Simple and complex air dispersion modelling using CALPUFF, AERMOD, AUSPLUME, and TAPM
  • Model validation and meteorological data set development using CALMET and TAPM

  • Developing air shed models to determine the impact of source discharges

Regulatory, Policy, Peer Review

  • Policy and regulatory advice

  • Regional plan and national environmental standards

  • Air emissions inventories

  • Peer review and expert witness

  • Reverse sensitivity

Stack Emissions Testing, Air Quality Testing and Ambient Monitoring

Industrial Compliance Solutions works with IANZ accredited air quality laboratories to provide stack testing, ambient air monitoring and indoor air quality monitoring results which will be accepted by regulatory agencies nationally and internationally.


Emission Control Technology

  • New source assessments

  • Retrofitting options

  • Emission control optimisation

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