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Resource Consents

Resource Consents - Assessment of Environmental Effects

According to Resource Management Act each application of resource consent must be accompanied by an Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE).  The main purpose of an AEE is to ensure that the project is developed and designed in a manner that is not harmful to the environment.  AEE describes the detail of a project and reviews its effects on the natural, social and physical environment. AEE also contains information about how these adverse effects can be avoided, mitigated or remedied.  At Industrial Compliance Solutions we have diverse experience in identifying and  preparing Assessment of Environmental Effects reports for a broad range of industrial and municipal applications.  Industries including:                                               
  • Pulp and paper mill
  • Asphalt manufacture

  • Chemical manufacture

  • Manufacture of reconstituted wood products

  • Dairy industry developments

  • Waste water treatment odour assessments

  • Combustion plant/Boilers (coal, wood, biomass, diesel and gas)

  • Cement and lime kilns

  • Printing plant

  • Power industry

  • Transport sector

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