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Hearing tests

A hearing test is a screening tool which determines the employees’ level of hearing. Hearing Assessments are an important part of a company’s noise management programme. These are generally completed at pre-employment, annually, and then upon exiting a job.

Hearing testing is completed using a calibrated audiometer and based on the AS/NZS 1269:4:2014. The testing includes a full noise and health history, an examination of the external and internal ear, followed by full screening audiometry.

Hearing Tests can be completed at your worksite or at our office. Testing should be conducted in a quiet environment, ideally an office or meeting room.
The results are discussed with the employee and a copy of these is given to them. Education is given to the employee as well as advice on the use of personal protective equipment.
Referrals are made as required.

A full report is provided to the employer outlining trends/referrals.