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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor and Workplace air quality has rapidly been attracting attention in New Zealand.  In most commercial offices, industrial sites and residence, the level of indoor air pollution is very low because there are controls on the design, ventilation and construction of buildings.  However, if ventilation is poor then airborne microscopic pollutants like bacteria, fungi and noxious gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, formaldehyde and many other harmful pollutants could build up to high levels which may be detrimental to human health. 

Failure to react fast to indoor air quality issues may lead to following harmful effects:

  • Frequent and regular health problems like nose, throat, eye irritation, headache and common flu-like symptoms
  • Reduced workplace productivity
  • Failing electrical equipments and damage to surrounding furniture


If you or your place of work is suffering from these symptoms or others listed above, poor indoor air quality may be a problem.  To assess indoor air quality and to minimise exposure to indoor air born pollutants, Industrial Compliance Solutions dedicated team will investigate and carry out all required indoor air quality sampling and testing at your commercial, industrial and residential site.

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