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Lung function (Spirometry)

Occupational asthma and many other forms of workplace based respiratory problems are preventable and employees must ensure workers are not exposed to harmful fumes, dusts, particles, chemicals in the course of their employment. Risk assessment combined with environmental monitoring to ensure that workplace exposure limits are not breached is the first step.

Lung Function testing (Spirometry) determines the capacity and condition of a person’s lung function. A questionnaire outlining a person’s history of exposure to respiratory contaminants and symptoms is completed before lung function testing.

The results are discussed with the employee and a copy of these is given to them.
Education is given to the employee as well as advice on the use of personal protective equipment.
Referrals are made as required.

A full report is provided to the employer outlining trends/referrals.

Some industries where employees are particularly at risk include panel beaters, welders, builders, electricians, manufacturing plants, boat builders, woodworkers, spray painters, chemical and fertiliser products.