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Wellness Programmes

Our workplace wellness checks are designed to provide education and incentives for staff to address health issues and can increase productivity, improve workplace morale and reduce stress.

Wellness checks may include:

- Blood Pressure & Pulse.
- Height, Weight and BMI (obesity) and/or Waist Measurements.
- Blood cholesterol & glucose testing.
- Smoking cessation advice and nicotine prescription available.
- Assessment of risk factors based on Heart Foundation framework.
- Discussion of lifestyle factors, nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management.
- Referrals to appropriate other services if necessary.

Often employees are not enrolled with a regular GP and the OHN may be the only regular health professional they see annually. This continuity of care is important for employees to ensure they are keeping on track with their health. Following the assessment, the employee will receive their own personal wellness booklet which has their individual results as well as additional information to assist them in making good lifestyle choices and maintain positive mental wellbeing.

Our OHN’s are qualified Smoking Cessation providers and can assist your employees to give up smoking/vaping. ICS can provide individual or group information and support.

We can tailor programmes to suit your company. This may be one-to-one consultations with individuals or it could be a group talk/seminar. If you are unsure of which tests your company requires or would like us to tailor a plan for you then please contact us and we would be happy to help you.