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Water and Wastewater Management

Meeting the challenge of achieving environmentally sound and sustainable solutions for wastewater management requires input from a range of technical disciplines. Industrial Compliance Solutions integrates its environmental and engineering skills to provide innovatived solution to wastewaster issues. Industrial Compliance Solutions provides a full range of wastewater management services to clients who produce, treat and discharge industrial wastewater, and stormwater.  This includes:                      
  • Analysis of wastewater issues and options
  • Field investigations including process, water and soil assessments
  • Site assessment and technical report
  • Providing recommendation on types of wastewater management systems
  • Assessments of environmental effects
  • Resource consent applications and hearings
  • Prepare Wastewater Management Plans
  • Prepare operations, maintenance and management programmes required for compliance procedures
  • Audit sites to assess sources of contaminants and compliance with resource consent conditions.

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